MOVA INTERNATIONAL is a Portuguese company, recognized as one of the European leaders in the food and beverage industry. Headquartered in Lisbon, the Company is present in the European, American, African continents, and is preparing to arrive in Asia in 2021.

Our values ​​still correspond today to the genesis of our creation in 1991, at the beginning as a family business, today attentive to the evolution of humanity, with social and environmental concerns, adding special attention to innovation, quality and food safety, adopting the best practices , always with the same mission.

We have guaranteed exclusive quotas for each producer, in different geographies, guaranteeing large quantities that will be sent in appropriate containers, by sea. Adapting ourselves to the new global reality, we send any fresh gourmet food by air, in less than 24 hours, to all countries.

MOVA INTERNATIONAL has a diversified product portfolio, with CHICKEN options that select fresh and frozen meats, marketed based on the main origins, always promoting the sustainability of the entire commercial network.


54 240 FCL

1 464 480 MT

94 140 FCL

2 541 780 MT

123 360 FCL

3 330 720 MT


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